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Managing Expectations Through Effective Communication: Setting Real Estate Goals
  • By: Matt Milia
  • Published: September 7, 2017

Hey, what’s going on everyone? Matt Milia here, and I want to talk a lot about our ability to communicate and setting real estate goals. No matter what you do, no matter how you go about doing it, if you are going to hire an inside sales associate, it is absolutely imperative that you communicate every single day. No matter what. Communication is key. Without having the communication, you’re going to find that your ISA is never going to know what winning is. Success really is defined by having the communication, making sure that the expectations are known, making sure that your ISA is going to be fully committed to your growth, and the growth of your business is 100% linked to your marketplace. So you just have to understand that you’ve got to know your market inside and out. If you don’t know your market inside and out, now is the time to really invest in learning in it. Setting Real Estate Goals: The Breakdown So let me give an example, all right? If you got a 100 leads a month, and within those 100 leads you’ve got your ISA calling through those leads, and out of those 100 leads you’re hoping for 20 appointments. That…Read More

First Step To Massive Productivity: Start Creating Culture With A Daily Huddle
  • By: Matt Milia
  • Published: September 1, 2017

I get asked all the time… “What’s the key to real estate productivity?” If you would have asked me 3-4-5 years ago… I probably would have had an answer. But today… The First Key To Real Estate Productivity: The Team Huddle I am involved in three different team huddles every day. One huddle is with Al Stasek, my partner here at Appointments Today. This is a breakdown of exactly what we do in our huddles… 1. Good News The first thing we’ll cover is our good news… It’s a dedicated time during the work day to focus on positivity. This could be anything from personal good news, things you got done over the weekend that, goals that you’ve set and completed, going to eat at a favorite restaurant — to professional good news — hitting your sales goals, crushing a particular project, and so on. The goal with good news is to start every day off with positive intent… and it works! 2. Chokepoints / Bottlenecks One of the biggest parts of business, and real estate productivity, is ignoring the chokepoints or bottlenecks until they become an insurmountable wall. That’s why we include them in our meetings every morning. These are issues/problems that are keeping us from completing…Read More

Increase The Quality Of Your Real Estate Data Without Spending Any Money
  • By: Matt Milia
  • Published: August 30, 2017

Hey, Matt Milia here! I wanted to talk briefly about how you can increase the quality of your real estate data without spending any extra money. One of the things I would pride myself on when I made calls for expireds, I would always start off with, “Hey, I’m looking for the homeowner at 2730 Main Street. Is that you by any chance?” Most cases they’d tell me, “No, you got the wrong number.” Now, if you’re like most agents chances are you give up after that. Nine out of ten agents, generally, inside sales agents, whoever it is, they’re giving up once someone tells them they’ve got the wrong information. One of the key fundamental things that took our business from just setting up a couple of two, three appointments a week to setting double that is when we’re talking with these leads, first thing I ask is, “Hey, I’m looking for the homeowner, 1223 Main Street. Is that you by any chance? Oh, I’ve got the wrong number. Hey, I’m really sorry. I was actually looking for John Smith. Do you happen to know John?” In most cases they know who owns the house, they know the lead, they know the name of the guy. In a lot…Read More

Setting The Real Estate Appointment: How To Side-step The “Holiday Season” Brushoff
  • By: Matt Milia
  • Published: August 21, 2017

Good morning! Matt Milia here. I wanted to hit you guys up with some quick hitting content going into the holiday season. If you’ve picked up the phone trying to set the real estate appointment, if you’ve been calling your leads, you have probably heard multiple times from multiple people, “Hey, you know what? I’m waiting until the springtime,” or, “I’m going to wait till after the holidays,” or “Hey, you know what? I don’t want to sell my house when the snow is on the ground.” Guys… It’s BS. It’s a brushoff. That’s all they’re doing. They’re brushing you off, so here’s how you get past that. Super simple, super easy. This is how I plug it in. Foolproof Script For Setting The Real Estate Appointment “Hey, John, totally get that you want to wait till after the holidays. Look, if it was me, I would want to do the exact same thing, but let me ask you a question. Just out of curiosity, how many days do you feel like you need to yourself during the holiday season? Okay, you need about seven days? Okay, perfect. That’s really kind of what I thought as well. Well, just like you need those seven days, I of course, I don’t want…Read More

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