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Increase The Quality Of Your Real Estate Data Without Spending Any Money

  • By: Matt Milia
  • Published: August 30, 2017
Increase The Quality Of Your Real Estate Data Without Spending Any Money

Hey, Matt Milia here! I wanted to talk briefly about how you can increase the quality of your real estate data without spending any extra money.

One of the things I would pride myself on when I made calls for expireds, I would always start off with, “Hey, I’m looking for the homeowner at 2730 Main Street. Is that you by any chance?”

Most cases they’d tell me, “No, you got the wrong number.” Now, if you’re like most agents chances are you give up after that. Nine out of ten agents, generally, inside sales agents, whoever it is, they’re giving up once someone tells them they’ve got the wrong information.

One of the key fundamental things that took our business from just setting up a couple of two, three appointments a week to setting double that is when we’re talking with these leads, first thing I ask is, “Hey, I’m looking for the homeowner, 1223 Main Street. Is that you by any chance? Oh, I’ve got the wrong number. Hey, I’m really sorry. I was actually looking for John Smith. Do you happen to know John?”

In most cases they know who owns the house, they know the lead, they know the name of the guy. In a lot of cases, it’s a family member.

So when you find that you’re in that type of a situation, and you got a family member who’s on the line, all you got to do is literally get them connected.

The Question Guaranteed To Improve Your Real Estate Data

“Hey, you know what? I got a lot of potential buyers who are looking in the area. Let me ask you this. I’d hate to see him lose out on an opportunity. Would you be so kind to get my information over to John? Would you be so kind to get me in contact with him or get me his contact information?”

You’d be absolutely amazed and blown away by how quickly your results will sky rocket. You’ll start to get them giving you phone numbers.

They’ll give you names. They’ll give you any information you want. All you got to do is ask for it. So all of those leads that you were calling on that said it was the wrong number, find out because a lot of these systems that you’re invested in are reverse engineered to literally find family members if they cannot find a for certain contact for your expired.

Hope this helps!