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First Step To Massive Productivity: Start Creating Culture With A Daily Huddle

  • By: Matt Milia
  • Published: September 1, 2017
First Step To Massive Productivity: Start Creating Culture With A Daily Huddle

I get asked all the time… “What’s the key to real estate productivity?”

If you would have asked me 3-4-5 years ago… I probably would have had an answer.

But today…

The First Key To Real Estate Productivity: The Team Huddle

I am involved in three different team huddles every day. One huddle is with Al Stasek, my partner here at Appointments Today.

This is a breakdown of exactly what we do in our huddles…

1. Good News

The first thing we’ll cover is our good news…

It’s a dedicated time during the work day to focus on positivity. This could be anything from personal good news, things you got done over the weekend that, goals that you’ve set and completed, going to eat at a favorite restaurant — to professional good news — hitting your sales goals, crushing a particular project, and so on.

The goal with good news is to start every day off with positive intent… and it works!

2. Chokepoints / Bottlenecks

One of the biggest parts of business, and real estate productivity, is ignoring the chokepoints or bottlenecks until they become an insurmountable wall. That’s why we include them in our meetings every morning. These are issues/problems that are keeping us from completing our project(s) or task(s) that day.

Once we identify what those bottlenecks are, and we bring them up in the morning huddle, we make it a point to schedule a time to sit down with the person who would be responsible for helping us fix that issue THAT day… this way we’re always gaining momentum!

*Choke points and bottlenecks are not to be a session of complaining.

3. Top Five

The top five is deceptively simple. Prior to our huddle every morning, all of us sit down with a pen and paper and write out the Top Five things that we’re working on today.

If we’re not going to touch it today — it’s not added to the list. This allows us to focus on the things that let us move the ball further or faster down the field than the “hope and pray” strategy!

Gaining An Edge On Real Estate Productivity

So this is all brought to you by Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. Guys, I cannot even begin to explain the level of success you will have within your sales organization is based on the level of communication you have with the individuals in the organization. If everyone knows what success looks like, everyone can win and succeed together.

So it’s so important that when you are huddling up, you guys have a rhythm, a focus, and what I always recommend for the new guys here that are just getting started with huddling is on a daily basis, you should take your sales team, your administrative staff, and you can do all one big huddle at first so you guys get used to the rhythm. You can start off of course as the leader.