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Setting The Real Estate Appointment: How To Side-step The “Holiday Season” Brushoff

  • By: Matt Milia
  • Published: August 21, 2017
Setting The Real Estate Appointment: How To Side-step The “Holiday Season” Brushoff

Good morning! Matt Milia here. I wanted to hit you guys up with some quick hitting content going into the holiday season. If you’ve picked up the phone trying to set the real estate appointment, if you’ve been calling your leads, you have probably heard multiple times from multiple people,

“Hey, you know what? I’m waiting until the springtime,” or, “I’m going to wait till after the holidays,” or “Hey, you know what? I don’t want to sell my house when the snow is on the ground.”

Guys… It’s BS. It’s a brushoff. That’s all they’re doing. They’re brushing you off, so here’s how you get past that. Super simple, super easy. This is how I plug it in.

Foolproof Script For Setting The Real Estate Appointment

“Hey, John, totally get that you want to wait till after the holidays. Look, if it was me, I would want to do the exact same thing, but let me ask you a question. Just out of curiosity, how many days do you feel like you need to yourself during the holiday season?

Okay, you need about seven days?

Okay, perfect. That’s really kind of what I thought as well. Well, just like you need those seven days, I of course, I don’t want to be intruding on you and showing your home during those seven days, but let me ask you this. If I could show you how our system can literally help you get buyers, attract the right people and attract top dollar offers and avoid those seven days, you’d at least be open for me to show you how to do that, right?

Why don’t we do this…

Let me share my marketing strategy with you. I’ll come on by, no cost, no obligation and look, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You find that you don’t like what we have to offer or we may not be a good fit and if that’s the case, that’s all right. But at the very least you owe it to yourself and your family to see if you can get that top dollar offer, right?

What day and time is going to be best for you? I’ve got Saturday at 5:00 or we could meet during the week. I’ve got Monday at 11AM. Which works generally best for you, weekends or during the week?”

So guys, give this a shot.

Let’s rock. Let’s knock out the rest of this week.