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Client Testimonials

Kevin G

“Appointments Today is the real deal… I quickly realized that there was no way for me to make all the necessary calls on my own… To the rescue came Appointments Today. I have had great success with the number of the appointments set & was very surprised how quickly everything came together. If you are on the fence about hiring Appointments Today, take the leap, they are a fantastic resource.”

- Kevin G.

“Looking to turbo-boost your listing business? Spend time doing what you do best, belly to belly, nose to nose with sellers. Appointments Today generated over $100k in potential listing commission in a matter of weeks… Not counting the buy side for the move up or downsizer. Make the leap, you won’t be sorry.”

- Robbie B.
Charles M.

“Wow! These guys are great. They’re the real deal… I had more leads than I could handle and needed help calling them – I was basically wasting money without callers. They are realtors with a successful team. They use this service and built it for themselves. That’s how it’s so affordable. Thanks guys. I’m recommending you guys to all my friends!”

- Charles M.
Brent S

“Wow where do I start… These guys are rock stars. I’ve hired many other companies before that just didn’t cut it. Appointments Today is a game changer. I’ve only used them for a few months and already have over a million in closed volume thanks to their calling. Also they provide excellent coaching for both ISA and agent.” 

- Brent S.
Joel P

“We’ve tried virtual services in the past, but none have come close to Appointments Today for the value they provide. Don’t hire a virtual assistant and expect great results, hire a company with a track record of success at setting your sales team great appointments.”

- Joel P.
James G

“Appointments Today has all allowed us to grow our listing business with professional outsourced Expired/FSBO prospecting. They have also allowed us to reduce our overhead for seller lead generation and rather than spending hours upon hours dialing, we now focus on converting each appointment set.”

- James G.
Antoine C

“I was reluctant at first! This was a very big investment. After a long contemplation I took the leap and decided to hire Appointments Today. Had my first face to face appointment in just a couple of days and guess what, I closed it! Just left the office with a signed listing agreement from a FSBO! I also have another one set for tomorrow. If you’re looking for an ISA company Appointments Today is the real deal! Let’s do this!”

- Antoine C.
Kris Z

“Appointments Today has provided my Inside Sales Agents for the past few years. I’ve had six figure returns year after year thanks to their help! At first I was concerned about the cost but after giving it some time it paid for itself 10x over! If you’re looking for a great company look no further.”

- Kris Z.
Ken G

“We have had great results. It has been less than two weeks and we are signing our first listing. We have had 2 face to face appointments and several phone appointments we hope will lead to further business. The ISA assigned to us, Tim, is excellent. I recommend the Appointments Today system.”

- Ken G.
Mike S

“Ok, ready for a great story? My relentlessly awesome ISA called a withdrawn listing. This seller was bitter, angry, upset and had just fired her agent. The details of the story were justified to have let the agent go. Anyways she was so upset and my ISA just listened and could not get a word in. After 15 minutes or so, it was Pete’s turn. He asked her questions, boosted me up big time, and was relentless. This went on back and forth for 40 minutes. She checked me out on Zillow and read my reviews. After listening to the call I told my ISA this was too long to talk to one person. Ok, I was wrong! I will let him do his job. I got to call her the next day and made it shorter and sweeter but she went off on her frustration again. It was fun. She then left for out of town. She came back today and called a lot of numbers on her caller id. Accidentally she called me back, we chatted and without even seeing the house nor meeting me, she listed with me today! Woohoo! Thank you Appointments Today!”

- Mike S.
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