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Why You Need To Hire An ISA Coach

  • By: Matt Milia
  • Published: April 30, 2018
Why You Need To Hire An ISA Coach

“A coach is someone who can give correction without resentment.” – Coach John Wooden

Do you have an Inside Sales Agent?

Who’s coaching them?

Do you have an ISA Coach?

If not, you could be limiting the effectiveness and success of your Inside Sales Agent (ISA). That’s because coaches help you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success. According to, good coaches:

  • Create a safe environment in which people see themselves more clearly;
  • Identify gaps between where the client is and where the client needs or wants to be
  • Ask for more intentional thought, action and behavior changes than the client would have asked of him or herself
  • Guide the building of the structure, accountability, and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment

Successful athletes obviously understand the power of coaching.

The United Kingdom Coaching Strategy describes the role of the sports coach as one that “enables the athlete to achieve levels of performance to a degree that may not have been possible if left to his/her own endeavours.”

The top real estate teams and brokerages understand that ISA coaching can help increase the performance and output at of their ISA.

ISA coaching can have a massive impact on an organization’s financial performance; according to an ICF and HCI study, 60% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average, compared to their peer group.

The Power of ISA Coaching?

When it comes to building your real estate business, an ISA coach can be a powerful resource who can help you free up time for you to focus ON your business and not IN your business. An ISA coach can help your ISA’s get out of their own way, stand out, and take action to help you achieve the things that are truly important to your business. An ISA coach helps you:

  • Get clear about the goals. You company may have one set of goals and an idea of how the ISA fits into that picture, but often times the two don’t fully align and it negatively impacts the culture and performance of your business. An ISA coach helps your ISA determine what’s really important and helps them stay focused on that.
  • Identify blind spots. An ISA coach will help you figure out what you don’t know, and they clue you in to things you may not be able to see. As the saying goes, “sometimes you’re too close to the forest to see the trees.”
  • Be accountable. An ISA coach will keep your ISA on track and moving forward toward new levels of achievement and performance. For many of us, having someone to answer to motivates us to act.
  • Focus your ISA growth plan. ISA coaches help you know the difference between weaknesses you need to fix and those that are best left as they are. This can help you invest time and energy only into activities/training that actually affect the end result.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. An ISA coach can help you get from point a to b faster than you could on your own, helping you differentiate yourself from the pack and grow your real estate business at a much faster pace.
  • Increase engagement. A recent Gallup study revealed that just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. Yet according to a study done by HCI and the ICF, coaching correlates with increased employee engagement; 65% of employees from companies with strong coaching cultures rated themselves as highly engaged.
  • Be better. Because ISA coaches help you identify and align your values, cut through clutter, and clear distractions, they help you increase your team’s output exponentially.

Simply put, an ISA coach will help you grow your business. How much is that worth to you?

Bottom Line

Think of coaching as an investment, not an expense. An expense is simply money that is spent on something. An investment is a process of investing money for profit.

Coaching is an investment.

If you want to grow your business with an ISA, whether you currently have one or not, let an ISA coach lead the way in helping you hire, onboard, train and optimize your inside sales efforts.

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