5 Quick & Easy Real Estate SEO Hacks

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular topic on online forums, Facebook groups, and training events all over the country. Unfortunately most speakers, trainers, and coaches teach strategy and theory. I’m here to show you actionable tactics that you can implement today to easily boost your search engine rankings. However, I want toContinue reading “5 Quick & Easy Real Estate SEO Hacks”

How to Overcome Three of the Toughest Objections

It’s that time and you and your prospect both know it. A commitment needs to be made. You’re close to getting one…but there’s an objection lurking in the wings that needs to be addressed before you can get that “Yes”. Your ability to make sales – and earn consistent commissions – relies heavily on yourContinue reading “How to Overcome Three of the Toughest Objections”