If Content Is King, Video’s The Army & Targeted Video is The Sniper


We’ve seen the increased engagement of video take off over the past 7 years with innovations in technologies that make it easier and easier to engage with your audience. As more and more businesses are using video to engage with consumers, consumers are becoming increasingly more particular about what they watch and what they expect.

In 2012, the National Association of Realtors found in a study that 85% percent of buyers and sellers “prefer to work with an agent who uses video marketing,”. Ok, that was in 2012, it’s now 2018. Since then, video consumption has become more and more the “standard” in lead/consumer engagement.

As many other agents have made the shift to video, there’s now another level of video engagement that a few savvy agents are leveraging. If you want to stand out from the noise of videos your audience is seeing every single day, you need to create a targeted video.

What is targeted video? It’s a video that’s not made for any potential client, but a specific client. That’s right. It’s specific content made for a specific audience.

For example, if you’re targeting first time home buyers, you need to create a video that speaks directly to a first time home buyer in the same manner as you would if you just met them at the local supermarket. Addressing their concerns and their aspirations.

Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about them.

Here’s a couple of examples where the message to market match is very different based on the video.

The Videos

Check out the two videos below and think about the two very different ideal market/demographics these videos would target. *Note: we’ve left the examples below very generic for the purposes of this article but we think you’ll get the idea.








Video #1

This video of a young couple vibrantly enjoying time together in a bathtub while drinking champagne in the candlelight would speak directly to a younger generation (millennials and gen y’ers) that are more than likely going to be first time home buyers achieving the dream of homeownership and enjoying a space that is all theirs. Also, note the “feel good” music that’s played to the video. Sets the feel good, every experience is a fresh opportunity to enjoy something new. The future is ahead of us!

Video #2

This video is a stark contrast to the first one in terms of the positioning of the characters of the video, music and messaging. This couple almost looks as if they’ve been through a long miserable experience of waiting for their home to sell in trying to sell it by themselves. They’ve got a look on their faces that says “we’re empty nesters just trying to get out of this thing so we can take a vacation and move into a smaller apartment and get out of the expense of having an entire home for just two people.” This will speak to someone who’s an older homeowner just trying to get their house sold and isn’t having much luck. It will resonate with those already in that position and will be a warning for anyone thinking of taking on the task of selling on their own.


Not all videos are created equal. Forget bitcoin, attention is the new currency of successful businesses and it has to be specific to the demographic your targeting. It has to have empathetic to their situation and offer them a solution to their specific problem.

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